Know About Gmail Password Reset, Change & Two Step Verification

We all set our email passwords for just securing our important data be it personal or official. But what happens when we accidentally forget our password ? Well, this is a direct security threat to your crucial information. Isn’t it ? Well, many users who go for Gmail password reset due to forgetting their password or due to the hacked account issues fail due to the non-availability of the sound tech knowledge. However if they are unsuccessful, then the following steps will help them a lot:-

About Gmail Password Reset : 

  • visit
  • click on “can’t access your account”
  • choose the option “I don’t know my password”
  • now enter the email id and click on Continue
  • next you have to choose as through which way you want to receive your code. You can choose either a phone option or an alternate email option
  • If you have chosen to receive your code in your mobile phone, then first wait for getting this code and then after getting it, enter it in the field name Enter that Code Here
  • Next click on Continue
  • finally you can proceed to reset your password in this way

About Gmail Password Change:

In case you need to go for a Gmail password change, then use these below mentioned steps:-

  • open
  • log in your account
  • now click on gear like icon
  • next click on Settings
  • Click Accounts and Import
  • click on Change Password
  • Enter the current password
  • Type a new password
  • retype your password
  • click on the button Change Password
  • Now you have successfully change the password of your Gmail account

Gmail Two Step Verification:

Gmail users can get utmost security of their account after enabling Gmail two-step verification, which is possible by using the instruction below:-

  • Type in your browser’s address bar
  • now enter your password
  • click sign in
  • click on Off which is located under two-step verification
  • now click on Turn On
  • Enter your password
  • click sign in
  • Now select your country after clicking on the flag drop-down menu
  • Enter your phone number
  • choose either phone call or text message
  • click Try It
  • Now type the code which you received in your phone
  • click on Next
  • click Turn On

That’s all ! You have successfully set your 2-step verification. However if you can’t comprehend these steps, then call Gmail helpline number for prompt help.

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