How To Apply Laptop Skin Without Bubbles

A laptop can get a whole new look by adding a relatively inexpensive peel-and-stick skin. There are types of skins available that can give your laptop a totally new and unique look with customize skins linked with your own images, text and graphics. The skins are attractive and provides protection from scratches on the outside of your laptop to ensure that your device stand out. Getting support by dialing apple customer service number helps you in guiding how to apply skin without bubbles. When your custom skin arrives, simply remove the protective backing and apply it to your laptop. But many times few air bubbles get into the laptop skin while applying it on to your laptop.

How To Apply Laptop Skin Without Bubbles

  • Make sure the room you use for applying laptop skin is dust free. If a dust particles remains on the laptop, then it may cause bubbles. So make sure you are in dust free environment.
  • Clean your hands and make sure the laptop back where skin is to be applied is also clean.
  • Remove the sticker and start sticking from one of the edge.
  • Move smoothly towards other edges and remove small bubbles with your fingers during the process.
  • If something goes wrong and you get too many bubbles then reverse the process and do it again slowly and slowly.
  • Once there are no bubbles, you’re done!

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