Fix Printing Error With Xerox Printer Customer Service

Xerox printer is one of the widely used device for printing web pages and completing the other printing works. The printer drivers are easy to install but there might be problems occasionally with Xerox printer and here in this article best solution to the Xerox printer issues are provided.

Take All Kind of Printing Solution By Xerox Printer Support Expert Helpline

One of the common problem that the Xerox printer users has reported in recent times is that printer is taking long time to complete the printing works. There can be various issues behind the problem like high resolution settings, memory issue or choice of drivers. To solve the problem follow the troubleshooting steps –

  • High resolution images take more time for printing. For office documents if the user is looking for gallery quality then select draft and then standard or normal mode.
  • Switch the mode from two-sided to simplex mode. One-sided printing takes much less time for printing.
  • Printer driver determines the speed of the device and high-end lasers and inkjets are available with the choice of drivers including PostScript.
  • If the problem remains unsolved then contact Xerox printer customer support for help.

Paper jam can be another common issue with the printer and user can follow the common troubleshooting steps to solve the problem. Here are the steps –

  • Inspect the paper path and remove the jammed material of the printer causing the problem.
  • If the paper is caught between the rollers then follow the guide for releasing the pressure.
  • Remove the tray from the Xerox printer and make sure that the paper is positioned and then reseat the tray.
  • To avoid moisture which makes the printing difficult make sure user is having the supported printer paper.
  • Contact Xerox printer customer service for more expert resolution to the problem.

There can also various other issues with the Xerox printer like printer quality is very low, printer drivers are not installed correctly, other applications in the computer is not responding correctly, unable to configure the printer, etc. Dial the Xerox printer phone number and get the best possible solutions for the printer. Support team is available all time for assisting the user with the Xerox printer problems.

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