What is The Correct Procedure To Reset PayPal Password Using Different Alternatives?

Have you forgotten your PayPal password, is it so, then, luckily you have the privilege to reset a new one? It happens quite often that PayPal users forget their password, which they are supposed to remember for the login purpose. However, this is not a stressful situation as you get the chance to reset your PayPal password with the help of the account recovery data you have saved earlier. PayPal users can use either their recovery email or they have to answer the security question to reach the password reset option. The users who are looking forward to know how they can reset PayPal password with these alternatives, kindly collect the right details from below.

Steps To Reset PayPal Password With Recovery Email

  • First of all, you have to launch a browser and then visit PayPal website on it
  • Further choose Trouble logging in tab from the home page of PayPal
  • Then you have to enter your registered PayPal ID in the box available for it
  • After that, hit next button to proceed towards the recovery options
  • Next, you must select “receive an email” option from the recovery page
  • Then you will get a 6 digit code from the PayPal in your recovery email address
  • After that, you have to sign in to your recovery email and copy that 6 digit code
  • Then go back to PayPal window and submit that code in the assigned box
  • Next, PayPal will transfer you to password reset page as soon as code is submitted
  • Now create a new password of choice for your PayPal account on this page
  • At last, press the save button to confirm your PayPal password after resetting it

Steps To Reset PayPal Password via Security Question

  • Visit the official website of PayPal and then select forgot password tab
  • After that, you have to submit your PayPal user ID and then move to recovery window
  • Further, you must choose the option to answer security question on the recovery page
  • Then on the next window that security question you have set earlier will display
  • Henceforth, you have to provide the correct answer for your security question
  • After that, your answer is verified by PayPal and then you get option to reset password
  • Then you must type a unique combination in the new password box
  • After that, enter the same password again in the confirmation box
  • Lastly, you must save this new password that you have reset for your PayPal account

If you complete the PayPal password reset process successfully, then well and good, but if you failed then also don't worry about it as you can get professional help regarding it. You can reach PayPal executives from the customer support center from where you can get technical support in real-time regarding the concern you are dealing with in recent times.

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