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A computer user always fears of any virus or spyware as they can really dangerous for their software. They can easily crash the software installed in your computer and steal valuable information from your PC. For removing these problems one should consider installing an antivirus. Norton antivirus is one such antivirus software which is highly preferred as it is the best antivirus to save you from all kinds of security threats. Many users are having trouble in setting up this antivirus software, but it only requires a simple procedure from the antivirus users. Here are some simple steps to set up Norton Antivirus:-

  • Users can go for Direct Download which allows them to buy the program online and to download their antivirus software. Double click on the file for starting the process
  • If the users is looking to download the antivirus software through a CD/DVD then Put the CD into drive and then click on Install Norton antivirus
  • For downloading the antivirus software through the USB, put it in the USB port to initiate the process. Vista and XP users need to click on “Launch Norton Install” and then they need to click on “Install Norton Antivirus”
  • Now enter your product key
  • Once you enter the product key, then the users are required to click on the link named “ Install Options”. Click OK
  • Now the customers need to go through the license agreement. They need to agree on the agreement for initiating the installation process

Now with the help of the simple steps mentioned above, you can easily set up Norton antivirus software in your computer. In case you are not following these steps, then you can call Norton antivirus customer service number  for getting any help regarding setting this antivirus. Once you call them they will be happy to provide you assistance from their side

What Is Norton Antivirus Support Phone Number

The users can call on Norton antivirus support phone number any-time without thinking of the time as they are available throughout the day or night. Hence if you are interested in getting reliable assistance from tech support representatives, then dial Norton antivirus support phone number straightforwardly.

  Norton Antivirus Support Phone Number : x(xxx)- xxx - xxxx

  Hours Of Work: This number appears to be available 24/7. 

  Avg Wait Time : 1 min approx

  Company Website:

  Online Help :

  Useful Tollcall via web

  Talk to Human: Customer Service Representatives