How Can I Speak to a Live Person at QuickBooks Immediately?

Suppose you want to buy a subscription to Quickbooks for smooth business functions like keeping track of expenses or incomes at your firm but need clarification about the cost, usage, and subscription purchasing process. In that case, you must reach out to the Quickbooks customer service team. Existing users who need help can also contact the service team for resolvement of the issues. Their experts are available to guide and help the users and new customers.

Contact Platforms Available at Quickbooks Customer Service

You can choose a platform at your convenience from the available platforms to contact Quickbooks. The customer service team assists people on different mediums for better reach and reduces the hold timing. Below, the available contact options are listed for you to choose along with the steps:

Speak To A Live Person On Quickbooks Customer Care

Call Support

People wanting to converse with the Quickbooks experts directly have the calling option to reach out to them, ask queries related to the software, and take guidance on installation or usage. Adhere to the instruction to call the customer service team:

  • First of all, locate the customer care number on the Quickbooks website,
  • Visit the Contact page on their website to pick the number,
  • Dial the Quickbooks phone number 800 446 8848,
  • Attentively listen to the instructions of the automated voice to follow,
  • Press 1 to renew your Quickbooks subscription,
  • Press 2 to end the Quickbooks subscription,
  • Press 3 for errors in your software,
  • Press * to direct the call to a Quickbooks expert.

Desktop Support

Under the desktop support medium, people receive virtual assistance from the experts of Quickbook on their queries or issues. They can live chat with an available expert through the browser and solve problems. Obtain the desktop help by the provided steps:

  • On your browser, open the official site of Quickbooks,
  • Click the Help on the homepage top bar,
  • Select the assistant tab on the page,
  • Hit the “Start Chat” button,
  • Shoot your technical queries or doubts regarding Quickbooks,
  • The expert will help you with your question and provide you with some instructions regarding that.

Email Support

Information regarding the subscription packages of Quickbooks with cost, answers to a particular query of the users, cancellation of a subscription, or other related info can be requested via email. If a user has a complaint, that too can be filed via email. To receive email support at Quickbooks, you need to follow the instructions:

  • Open the Quickbooks page on your device,
  • Select the Help button,
  • Look for the contact options on the page,
  • Tap the email icon to add your queries,
  • Please fill out the email form and send it to Quickbooks.
  • You will soon receive a reply to your sent mail from a Quickbooks official.

Hence, if a person likes to get through to the Quickbooks customer service team to fix software issues or learn about the software feature from an official person, then you get a Quickbooks contact number, desktop support, and email support for the problems you are facing. All of these platforms are available 24 hours, seven days a week, and provide support non-stop.

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