How Do I Speak to Someone at Etsy?

Etsy is a web platform where people from different countries can buy and sell unique items. It is an American-based e-commerce platform famous for its hand-made and household items. If you have questions, always contact Etsy customer service, and the representative will help you with your problem.

Different Modes To Contact Etsy Customer Service

If you want to contact Etsy, it is not a complicated process, and you can do it quickly through your mobile phone. You can follow any of the given modes to get connected with customer service:

Via Phone Call- You can quickly contact someone by calling on their phone number as you get the response immediately. Follow the given instruction if you want to call on Etsy phone number and get through to a representative:

  • Dial the Etsy customer service contact number 1 844-935-3879 from your cell phone.
  • Select the language of your choice.
  • Then, you have to choose the preferred option from the IVR service.
  • After that, wait for a few minutes, and your call will be connected with the customer service executive.
  • Tell the issue, and the representative will provide you with the solution.

Via Chat- The alternative to phone calls is chat. You can chat with customer service to get the answer. Here are the steps through which you can chat with the representative:

  • Visit the official webpage of Etsy, “,” on your web browser.
  • Click on the “Help Center” at the bottom of the page.
  • Tap on the “Etsy contact support” option.
  • Select the “Live chat” button.
  • Choose from the options what issue you are facing.
  • Then, an executive will get through to you to provide the answer through chat.

Via Social media-  You can also contact Etsy customer service by sending a message on their social media. Etsy has accounts on many social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can write your issue and send the message on any social media account, and the representative will reply with the answer. You can use the below links to send the message:

Via Email- If you cannot get someone through the Etsy contact number or any other methods, then you can also use email to contact the airline. Write a detailed description of your issue and send it to Etsy email. Then, a representative will contact you through mail within a few hours or days and provide you with the answer to your problem or any alternative method to solve your problem.

Hopefully, now you must have the information on different ways to speak to someone at Etsy. If you still face any problems or need help, visit their official website and use other ways to contact them.

  Etsy Support Phone Number: 1 844-935-3879 or 1 718 855-7955

  Hours Of Work: Direct line to Etsy's corporate office

  Avg Wait Time: 5 min approx

  Company Website:

  Online Help:

  Headquarters Address: Etsy, Inc. 55 Washington Street, Suite 512, Brooklyn, NY 11201

  Useful Tollcall via web

  Talk to Human: Etsy Customer Service Representatives

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I received a message stating I owe $154 and my account was deactivated. I was wondering why I owe that much money.

Lisa Hogan

It says my account is suspended. Why? I have been a long time seller AND buyer. Can you please help me?

violet Rhodes

I plased an order Nov. 1st to omes -shoemakingheels for 5 pair of heels for 32.83. I have yrt to receive them. I tried to notofy the seller but Rtsy makes it difficult with verification and two piece identifcation. I want my order or refund. Please help. I am 69 years of age I just want simply orxeting and paying. I dont want to kump thru hoops.. .help

Jennifer jo leva

Hello I am having trouble with the customer she can’t seem to pay for her items the link it won’t take her to payment page she’s purchased two things and needs to check out please look into my account and get back to me or how I can help her she’s new to Etsy thank you Jennifer Joe love hello I am having trouble with the customer she can’t seem to pay for her items the link it won’t take her to payment page she’s purchased two things and needs to check out please look into my account and get back to me please. Or can you guide me on how I can help her- she’s new to Etsy. thank you . Jennifer Jo leva Her name is Nancy

Sandra g presson

I have been trying sign in to my account but it says my e- mail is not correct but it is and that is only e- mail I have ever had. Hope you can help me. Thanks Sandy presson

Regina sennett

Please help me find lampshades and pillows that match. Gray green yellow are colors needed. Rooms are gray and brown.

Julie Jordan

We ordered a shirt on Nov 24 and it hasn’t been shipped someone needs to call me at 479-790-3065

Andre st germain

I was happy to receive my long love fragrance of nostalgia. When I opened the package I was so sad. The bottle wrapped ina plastic bag was completely empty. The picture on your sight was half full. I paid all that money for an empty bottle .

Jimmy Sanchez

Hi I have an issue with my account. My customers cannot checkout and pay for any items. I tried purchasing something myself and I get an message saying the account is currently unavailable to accept payments. Can you please help me with this issue? Thank you.

Olga Reyes

I have made two order when I only need one. Can you please cancelled one oh the order that I have made

Ana Maria Rebelo

I ordered a saddle for the cemetery on November 4th and I haven’t received it my credit card was charged . Can you please tell me what’s going on Thanks

Ana Maria Rebelo

I ordered a saddle for the cemetery on November 4th and I haven’t received it my credit card was charged . Can you please tell me what’s going on Thanks


Email. Correction will not take It’s in system as Please correct

Samantha tang

Issue with seller who overcharged shipping!!!

QuaSonya Johnson

I need someone to call me, I need to cancel my Etsy so they will stop taking money out of my account. My number is12566510691


I received an e mail stating I owe $154 I have attempted to contact Etsy a few times via this e mail system and a few contact phone numbers that are no longer accepting calls/ messages at this time. I have not heard back. I am uncure as to why my account was suspended over this amount.

David hurm

We ordered fort nite air pods way before Christmas and we still haven’t received them. Thanks


O2DesignCo I am ordering one of your genuine Brown Leather Apple Watch Band 44mm Gold. How do I determine the band size? Can I use my amazon gift cards for this item.

Marie Mae D Brown

I need to return an aromaoutfitters I purchased about two weeks ago. I"m going to need a return label? Let me know if you got my message?


I need my order I believe it was shipped back.

Demetrice Battle

I’m worried if I order something and don’t receive my items that means I’ve been robbed. No one to contact to resolve your issue, so I’m wondering is Etsy a scam?

Ladan Keyhan

Would you please let me know how I can or if I can sell items that I created from Zazzle and sell them on Etsy ? Please send me step by step if I can sell my design on your site from Zazzle. Thank you


Hello I was suppose to receive my stuff since the 17 I have no email that why they extended the time. Please reach out to me

Sheila Boswell

Hi I placed a order May 21, 2019. I have not received my order, I need a update on my order. #1464026357

Joan McDade

Etsy stinks! You cannot contact them and emailing gets you zero help. Be better than this Etsy - you owe it to buyer and sellers

Darlene lowenthal

Ordered 2 different wall decals.One order fruits the other order was over $240.00 The order # 2777002448.I never received anything. The order was a couple of months ago.You have several different numbers you claim where I can reach you. They are all PHONY!!! The customer service number has a recording saying” we do not answer this phone” Ridiculous!!! Your corporate address is also PHONY” I want my money back.Your company should be held accountable for miss information.I just read all the reviews and most are upset and have no number to call for customer service or someone to speak to about getting what you ordered or your money back’You shod be ashamed to conduct your business in such a way.We have no one to speak to about our problems You take our money right away but you give us no way to communicate with a human being or customer service if we never received our order I want what I ordered or I want my money back I want someone to call me soon To say I am disappointed is an understatement!!!!!!!!!!!!’


I shipped the order to the customer. Etsy deactivated my account right away as the item showed in transt and stole my money. Beware!!

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