How Do You Fix an iPhone That Keeps Shutting Down?

If you are an iPhone user and keep complaining about your iPhone automatically shutting down, then you are on the right page to know the answer to your qwerty. This article has covered all the primary methods you can use to fix your iPhone. Note this article till the end and fix your iPhone.

Methods To Fix Your iPhone That Keeps Shutting Down

Force Restart Your iPhone

Probably a very easy and quick method to correct the problem with your iPhone, you can force restart your Apple iPhone. The force restart might solve all of the issues with your iPhone. For different models of iPhone, there are different ways to restart. For some, it is to press the volume up button and the home screen button. And for others, it has to be press the volume down button and home screen button simultaneously to restart your model. Find your model’s force restart method and then do it to solve your problem of the iPhone keeping shutting down.

Update Your iOS Version

You can go ahead and update your iOS version of your iPhone. For that, you have to visit the setting option, General, and then Software update; then, you will find the option of “Download and Install.” Go ahead and update your ios services. Updating your software might solve your issue of the iPhone shutting down. If your iPhone is not updated, it creates a problem and bothers the users.

Restore iTunes in Recovery Mode

If you are okay losing the data in your iPhone, then you can tune in your iPhone to your PC and log in to your iTunes account. Then, you can put your iPhone into recovery mode. Then click on the option “Restore iPhone,” and you will find that iTunes will download the software to repair your problem.

Repair Hardware Problem

Now, if none of those mentioned above steps are fruitful, then the problem might not be the software but the hardware. It would help if you got your iPhone checked once. It might be a problem with your battery or any other part of the iPhone. You are advised to take your Apple iPhone to the service center and share the same concern with the agent available at the desk.

Why Does Your Apple iPhone Keep Shutting Down?

If your iPhone is continuously shutting down, it can be due to various issues associated with your Apple iPhone. The issues can be hardware or maybe software. The problem varies from model to model the iPhone. Some very common reasons for your iPhone automatically shutting down are mentioned below.

Battery issues- One of the most common issues that users have addressed is that of the battery; the indicator might display 0% even when the iPhone still has the battery life. This can make the operating system process as if the battery is drained, resulting in your iPhone turning off by itself.

Software incompetency- Another very common issue faced by the users is a software problem. The software of your iPhone might be corrupted or incompatible with the other services of your iPhone. The software incompatibility can interfere with other services of the iPhone, which can force your iPhone to turn off automatically.

Hardware problem: The cause of your iPhone shutting down can also be some hardware issue or any problem with the part of your iPhone. You can visit any service center of the official service center of Apple and get your phone checked once.


The above is the necessary information on resolving the issue of your iPhone shutting down automatically and the other issues you encounter with your iPhone. If nothing works out, you can get in touch with customer service at Apple and ask them to resolve your issues.

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