How To Contact Google Maps Customer Service

Discovering new places have been always remains the human fascination. Maps play a crucial role in discovering the new places as well as finding new routes. They help us in locating accurate places as well as finding new location. Now a days it has become an integral part of human life. Those days are gone when one has to carry physical Maps with themselves now there are plenty of major digital mapping platform. One such mapping platform is “Google Map ‘’. Google maps customer service helps in resolving all queries and problems in immediate time. They provide further guidance to the new user to use Google MAP.

How Do I Talk to Someone on Google Maps ?

Google Maps is one of the most popular digital mapping platforms. It is widely famous among users for detailing precise location, accurate mapping as well proper direction. It is available on various platforms whether its android, IOS or java. But sometimes user do face certain problem while working on how to change the address of Millions of users across the world use this digital application Google map to find their places or visit the new region. It is available on different platform like android or IOS. But user do also faces problem while working on Google Maps, some of the common problem face by user  on Google Map:

  • User cannot able to see the map or street view full screen.
  • Clutter and boxes everywhere on Maps.
  • User cannot able to find Google Map aerial view .
  • How to change the Google Map address.

In case if any body face any problem related then one can easily contact their technical support team. But few people get to know about the How to contact Google map customer support team. In order to contact the google support team then one has to follow these common procedures:

  • First of all, go to the Google website or for quick assistance contact 1-800-419-0157, 1-888-444-7018 (third party)
  • Then further click on the Contact button on website.
  • Then choose Maps from the list of their services.
  • The select the language whether one want help in English.
  • One can select the problem from the list of the option.
  • In case if could not able to find the problem from the list then click on More help.
  • They will take user to their help centre, then one can choose any of the medium whether phone or email to contact their official.

If one couldnot able to get the satisfying help from there technical representatives, then one can call at the Google maps phone number. They have an excellent technical support team which will help to resolving any issue within immediate time. Their support center work online as well as offline support to their customer in days. They also provide remote services solution to the customer.

Google help center:

Google maps help:

Official contact info: (650)-253-0000

Google Pay: 1-800-419-0157

Google Ads: 1-866-246-6453

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Subham Panda

How to namber save in google map my business store me

Brian Fries

My drive to a business is on a side road. Google maps has directions going thru a field. Address is 3889 Peru west section line rd. Monroeville Ohio 44847

Alaa Ahmed

I bought a business and I would like to change the phone number in google map

Robert Smith

Hello Goggle Maps Team, Can you please delete the following address: 1067 Rideau Ferry Rd, Perth, ON K7H 3C7 The correct address information has already been submitted and accepted. Just need to delete the incorrect info which comes up first when I search using my street address only. Thank you.

Karim Currimbhoy

Your google maps does not have an option to calculate distance and time for a cyclist. Wud appreciate if this option is added to your software. I live in chennai and cycling is becoming popular here👍🙏


Google navigation problem please solve my problem car running navigation slowly please solve my problem


Google maps directions to 4 Captain Drive, Emeryville 94608 gets directed to 3 Commodore instead: the next block. This causes massive troubles with deliveries, taxis, etc. PLEASE FIX ASAP !!!

Phil Chavez

I own the restaurant called The Grill on San Mateo, 3300 San Mateo Blvd, Albuquerque, NM 87110 , it says I’m permanently closed and I am not closed and I need to get that removed asap , 505-235-0310

Phil Chavez

I own the restaurant called The Grill on San Mateo, 3300 San Mateo Blvd, Albuquerque, NM 87110 , it says I’m permanently closed and I am not closed and I need to get that removed asap , 505-235-0310

Jennifer Cohen

Google maps brings people to the back alley of his building not the front


We need an old business removed from our location.


Google maps will not properly locate our acreage address. 63103 range road 254 Westlock County , Alberta, T0G O5O It only brings up range road. This is stopping us from getting g insurance and closing our house purchases due to this

Haseen alam

Hii sir I need help about our area Google map shows a rong address near me you please sand me Google maps help line number than I tell him my problem and thanks

Priyanka Anand

Hi, I just wanted to confirm how we can set up our business on Google for the rating and feedback option?

Aiman Mehana

hey look I have a problem why is that my shop name is not on google maps and it says it’s closed can you guys please contact me on this mobile 0414601626 thanks


I need to remov a closed shop location and need to add new Shop address

Langat Lawi

Need a camera and new phone


hy... Russian invaders mark important points of infrastructure in Kiev as "edemus" Please remove it immediately!!!!!!! and block this feature!!!!

Uzair Nawaz

Remove review comment . Ch iqra

Janice Gilsinger

To Whom It May Concern: We are getting many of the wrong deliveries. Can you please adjust these addresses? Please change these house numbers on Google Maps. The address for 156 Doty Road, Haskell, NJ 07420 should be: 166 Doty Road, Haskell, NJ 07420. Also, House number 166 Doty Road, Haskell, NJ 07420 should be 176 Doty Road, Haskell, NJ 07420 Please contact me with any questions. Thank you.


I have contacted Google Maps multiple times about my street name coming up wrong. You can put in my actual address and Google Maps changes the street name totally. My street is NORTHRIDGE DRIVE and if you put this in it changes it to N RIDGE DR which DOSE NOT EXIST. So I am having trouble getting my deliveries to my address. I have left messages for them to LOOK at the STREET VIEW and read the actual signs that are on all corners. If they would put an upload feature on the site it would be very helpful.

Trupti Desai

The location shown on Google maps of our office premised Mudra Arts Panaji Goa is not correct.Our customers are facing problem to reach to our address.pls contact on 9881373256


Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to put multiple address and the app can build the best route? In really need helpp with that ?


google maps glitching because and when you use it, it will crashing and it wont stop crashing because it having some problems and issues and it when you type that loc it will start crashing and buffering and it is having some major issues and can you fix it


Google maps sends anyone looking for my address 40 shelby to 40 homco. this has caused significant upset with deliveries. police have been called on drivers trying to deliver mail because 40 homco is tired on getting our deliveries. i have suggested this correction on google maps and nothing has changed. i really need you to look into this and please correct your error. i am missing a very important package and i am very distraught.

Laquintin stewart

To whom it concerns, there is a business listed on Google maps at the wrong address. The address 12 cypress pointe dr Richmond Hill, GA 31324 does not exist and it shows up in front of my privately owned property. There is a picture of my property in 1st Response Home inspections map listing and it needs to be removed asap or someone will be sued. I am a business owner and their business does not need to show up on the map for my house.

Sandra Odom

Google maps needs to correct errors with our address for our Surgery Clinic. What do I need to do?

kayelyne Longasa

Hi, Kaye form Clocks Flinders Street, please update operating hours from 8am -5am. Thank you

John & Grace Regnier

I need help!!! We are not on maps so people, UPS, Fedex etc can not find or deliver to my home. Please help Grace Regnier 4337 Pyramid Drive FORNEY TX 75126

Marsha winkler

Google map takes people across street and not to my house my address is 2299 Elm Grove Road Belton Tx 76513 I live right behind Butlers Hatters first black driveway past shop

Shane McMahon

Your mapping for 67 Lily Pond Lane is totally inaccurate. I worked at Maine Department of Transportation. Mapquest is totally accurate for 67 Lily Pond Lane, West Gardiner, Maine 04345. Make sure and turn left for about 20’ then turn immediately right another 30 feet on the gravel to the pavement at the top of our driveway a hill with a garage and then the house and lake..

Amarjit Surjan

I was looking for a company, which google maps does not show on it Ess Produce LLC 232 Terhune Ave Passaic NJ 07055 USA

Lorraine Knight

Hi there! I am wondering if your company needs help or interested in starting an ad campaign or improving the performance of an existing campaign on platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and more by using PPC (Per-Per-Click)? I am an expert in online advertising, and I will provide and will give you guaranteed traffic to your site that can make a huge impact on sales. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks. Lorraine Knight

garudavega international courier service

hi i have added for my busniess name 23/03/2022.but i did not get verfication code .how to get verfication code..


I need your help to change the picture of my restaurant because is still the old picture of the restaurant because I have change the name of it


Mere Google ka passport nahin ban gaya

Shripad Deshpande

Showing wrong and longest routes for ola and uber cab service

Ramesh Babu

My location is not coming delivery boy and vehicles take other locations

Marian Holger Kehm

Hi, my Level, Benefizspiel and Pointe in Google Maps are lost. How can Thais happen? Spurst cincerly Marian Holger Kehm


google maps regesta

Valerie Foreman

I wrote a honest review in a auto repair shop yesterday. I received a call from the owner, Arthur , and cursed at me & talked so bad. I am afraid he might come to my house since he has my address.


Hello! look I have a problem!why is that my show room name is not on google maps and it says it’s closed. Again. I dont wanna spend so long to wait the auto reply then do again and again.Can you,please contact me on this mobile 84936395996.thanks


My location is not showing

Rick Hagen

I have around 11 million views on maps as a contributor, is there ever going to be a real reward? I do it as a hobby and try to provide accurate information. I have never received anything from Google and I was wonder if they could send complementary products.

Roger Hawkins

I was under the impression that street view is update every year or two but my house has not been updated in for years. My property has changed but still shows trees that have been removed and does not show buildings added to the property. It shows vehicles that have been gone four years. Just because we are in Alabama ( you know, the state that people of limited intelligence think we are backward) is a reason to pass us by. That’s for nothing!

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