How Google Make Money From Google Maps?

Google makes money through advertisements on its Google map application. Via this, Google awarded application businesses pay to Google to have ads placed on their search engine. Though many of the Google applications are free of cost, Google does not offer ads that you see on Google maps as a goodwill gesture. Google monetizes its map application by letting businesses embed their logos on the maps, which Google provides free for others.

How Google Makes Money From Google Maps?

Google maps provide the Google Map application for businesses in which pricing starts from $10K, which enterprises use. The free application has certain limits as it does not provide technical support and high resolutions.

Google maps for pricing for business applications is divided into 3 categories:

  • Public usage: publishing maps for public view on the website where even a login is not required, and nothing has been charged from a viewer.
  • Private usage: for example, if you use CRM and want to apply Google maps to it by which, your sales team can make a better decision to increase sales. In this case, login is required, and an enterprise must purchase the Premium table of Google Maps.
  • OEM Usage (or White label): For example, let’s say that anyone creating an application that will be selling to an audience against some pricing; if they use Google Maps support as a component of the application to enhance it, then it'll be considered as OEM (or white label) usage. In this case, again user has to purchase the Google Maps premium table.

The company recently announced the new types of ads within Google Maps that analysts at Morgan Stanley believe could help the business deliver $1.5 billion in incremental revenue in 2017. Maps is an integral part of using a mobile phone, and as users get more interested in the real world around them with A.R. and so on, expert think Maps will continue to play a bigger role.” And that’s the way how Google makes money from Google maps. As per the survey, Google maps applications generate nearly 96% of the company's income.

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