How Do I Change My Home Wi-Fi Password?

Well, changing the password of your home-installed Wi-Fi is quite easy to execute further while you use Wi-Fi at home. Then most of the time, users face issues like where they notice that the internet speed is getting low as many users are connecting their devices with your Wi-Fi connection. So, in such scenarios, the most convenient option is to change your Wi-Fi password and name so that other users cannot connect their devices to your Wi-Fi easily, and they get caught, and you will get an alert that your Wi-Fi is getting used by some other devices.

How To Change The Wi-Fi Password of My Home?

Therefore, if you need to learn about the procedure for changing your Wi-Fi password, you will have to log in to your router, which means you will have to be connected to your Wi-Fi network. Then you will have to get your router's IP address and username and password, so to change your Wi-Fi password, check out step-by-step guidance to execute the password-changing task.

Steps To Change the Wi-Fi Password of My Home

  • First, you must use any local browser platform like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other web browser. 
  • Then you need to type in your router's IP address within the search bar and press the enter key. 
  • Now you will enter your router's username and password within the given section and then log in manually. 
  • You will have to press click over wireless from the left side of your window. 
  • Next, you have on screen the option to Change your Wi-Fi password or name according to your comfort. 
  • Further, for your Wi-Fi security purpose, you will have to be sure with the new password and name that you will have to create strong so that your account gets secure accurately.
  • In the end, you need to click the over-apply or save button, which will automatically make all the changes immediately, which you stated in the changing section.

Moreover, after you execute the process for changing your home Wi-Fi password, you will have to reconnect all your devices again using the new Wi-Fi network name and password. By chance, if you connect again with the old Wi-Fi network, you will get disconnected from the internet until you sign in with your new Wi-Fi username and password.

Hence, if the issue persists at that time, you can contact the support team for your guidance, and then you will have to get the router's support team reference number, dial it on your phone, and connect with an expert to have appropriate assistance.

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