How To Change The Windows 10 Password

Everyone who uses windows laptop or computer prefers to update the device to the windows 10 version. With the updated version of the windows, you can easily access all the applications on the device. But if you have saved any important information on your device then you need to keep the windows device safe.

Changing The Password of Windows 10

If you are willing to keep your Windows safe then make sure to update the password on a regular basis. To make sure your device is safe, always change windows 10 password from time to time. With changing password from time to time, the account will be safe from getting hacked. Here are the steps to change the password of windows 10.

Steps To Change The Password of Windows 10

  • To change the password of windows, first of all click on the start button on the left side of your screen.
  •  Now moving on, click on the settings section of the screen.
  • Now tap on the accounts option and select sign in options on the menu tab.
  • Click on the change your password option under change tab.
  • Next, before you change your password, for the cross verification you need to log in first using the username and current password.
  • Once you have entered the password, you will receive a new code on your phone number.
  • Now enter the code in the security box and now enter the old password that you use to cross check.
  • And at last enter the new password that you wish to enter, followed by re-entering the password to confirm.
  • And once done, your password will be changed.

Things To Keep in Mind While Setting a New Password

If you wish to make the windows 10 password changes then here are a few tips that you can follow to set up a strong password.

  • While setting up the password, don’t include digits like phone number or date of birth that is known to everyone.
  • Also don’t keep any password for too long because there are chances that people might guess your password.
  • Keep all your recovery information updated so that if you forget the password, you can easily recover it.
  • However, if you keep on forgetting your password frequently then note it down somewhere. This way, you can keep it safe for recalling.

And thus this way, a user can easily find out the answer to the doubts of how to change my windows 10 password. For more information, try to contact the customer support team of the windows. They are 24x7 available.

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