Follow The Steps To Lock Facebook Profile Manually

With the advancement in its features, the social media giant 'Facebook' has launched many features to keep your profile more secure and less open to breaching. If you customize your profile with the advanced settings, not a single thing can be stolen from your account.

Also, now you can lock your Facebook account without any hassle and keep your things to only your friends. This feature helps you to protect your photos, videos, and information saved on your Facebook account. Moreover, if you're wondering how to locked Facebook profile and keep searching about it over the internet. You should not worry about it.

This post not only provides you step by step information about the procedure to lock a Facebook profile but also, you will get to know many things about the features.

Some Important Things That You Must Know Before You Locked Facebook Profile

When you find a shield icon on someone's Facebook profile it says the user has a locked Facebook profile. And it lets you limited his or her profile. If you're not a friend with that person on Facebook, you can't see the details of the account. Only the friends of that account can see the following:

  • The photos, videos, posts uploaded by the user online.
  • You can't view the profile picture of that user in full size as well as the cover photo.
  • You will also miss their daily stories.
  • No new posts and photos is available for you to see.
  • Not only these things but also, if any post the user has shared in the past with Public settings will change to Friends for a locked Facebook profile.
  • In addition, the tag review and timeline review will be turned on.
  • A few things in the Abut section could be visible for everyone on the Facebook profile.

Besides, you can go through the instructions mentioned below to lock the Facebook profile instantly.

Follow the Steps to Lock Facebook Profile Manually

  • To begin with the process, you are required to go to the Facebook Login page.
  • There enter the username and password to open your Facebook Profile.
  • Then you need to go to the Profile page on Facebook.
  • And to get the locked Facebook profile, you need to click the More option under your name.
  • Then choose Lock Profile option.
  • Again click the same option so as to confirm the action.

This is how you will be able to lock your Facebook profile without any hassle. Just in case, you get any trouble or stuck at any point in its process. You can get help from the customer service about a locked Facebook profile. The representatives will help you thoroughly to lock your profile without any delay.

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