How Do I Recover My AOL Password Without Phone or Email?

Have you lost access to the AOL email account and have failed to reset the account password? Then, you don’t need to worry, as this article will offer complete details on restoring access to the AOL account and performing routine tasks. 

Methods To Restore Access To AOL Email Account 

For the users who are not aware of the options available to perform How To Recover My AOL Password, they can check out the listed points that include:

  • Using the recovery phone number
  • Using recovery email
  • Using security questions

However, many users enquired how to Recover Their AOL Password Without a Phone or email. So, to help out the users with this query, one can check out the detailed procedure mentioned below in this article and access uninterrupted AOL account services. 

Resetting AOL Account Password Without Phone And Email

To reset the AOL account password without using phone and email, the users are suggested to opt for the security questions and follow the detailed steps mentioned below to reset the account password. 

  • To reset an AOL account password, the user must visit AOL's official login page. 
  • The user needs to click the forgot password link and continue the process. 
  • Further, the user will be navigated to a different page. Here, the user needs to mention the username or email id used for accessing the AOL account. 
  • Then, the user will be offered an option to recover the AOL account password. 
  • As in this case, the user doesn't have access to a recovery phone or email; they can opt for the security questions option. 
  • And then, the user can mention the answers to the security questions linked to the account and proceed with the process. 
  • Once the user's account is verified, the user can reset the AOL account password. 
  • After the new password is created, the user can start accessing the AOL account services using the new password. 

Thus, this is the detailed procedure that one can follow to Recover My AOL Password without Email and phone. Still, they can contact support if the user fails to reset the AOL account password. 

Users who have failed to perform AOL account recovery can reach out to the support representatives to seek prompt assistance over a phone call or live chat and access uninterrupted email services.

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