Why Did My Internet Suddenly Stop Working?

Although internet issues are usually fixable, users often face this difficult situation when they cannot fix internet problems in their respective laptop devices. Whether they are working on an urgent task, binging on their favorite program, or playing an intense game, a non-working internet connection can also kill the mood and workflow. However, they could be various reasons that might cause their Internet not to work on their respective devices. Now, if you are also someone who has been facing a similar situation with their internet connection, then here’s what you need to know about the cause and fixes to get rid of the situation.

Top Reasons Why Your Internet Connection is Not Working

  • Unwanted interference, physical or electronic, from other wireless devices, walls, furniture, etc., may be working at the same frequencies or have been there between your PC & router.
  • The Windows system files are corrupted, or Windows updates have caused the issue.
  • The network card in your laptop device is damaged.
  • Un-updated network drivers.
  • Your Internet service provider (ISP) isn’t working.
  • Virus or malware defect, Software conflicts, etc.

How To Fix These Network Issues Quickly on Your Device

Stay Closer To the Wi-Fi Router/Hotspot

Stay nearer to your network connection to avoid multiple junctions and ensure better connectivity. In addition, if you have connected multiple devices with the connection, disconnect the ones not in use to enhance bandwidth connection.

Check Your Router

Make sure your router has no overheating issues, as this might cause the Internet not to work, and reboot it once in a while.

Look for Service Alerts

This simply means that you should contact your ISP to check if the issue persists from their end or yours. You can also check with your other devices to see if they are working properly with the internet connection before contacting your ISP.

Check Your Network Card is Working Properly

A failed network card could be the major reason that your Internet not working on your laptop. Hence, you should check whether it is working properly.

  • Move to Start, right-click on your laptop, and then select Device Manager.
  • Now, select Network Adapter, right-click on your Network Card from the expanded categories, and then hit the Uninstall option.
  • Finally, reboot your laptop and let Windows reinstall the Network card and its drivers.

Moreover, you can also check your antivirus & firewall for conflicts that may have interfered with your internet connection and made it not work. Otherwise, contact tech-support experts and get complete guidance on fixing issues that have caused your Internet not to work.

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