How Do I Upgrade Seat on American Airlines?

American Airlines offer seat upgrade opportunity to its passengers in multiple ways. Once you are aware of the different types of upgrades granted by American Airlines, it will become easier for you to make a seat upgrade request. More details explaining the specific types of seat upgrade American Airlines offers one by one are discussed below. Besides, the accurate method to request a particular type of seat upgrade on American Airlines is also shown later.

What Types of Seat Upgrades Does American Airlines Offer?

American airlines seat upgrade is available in different ways, as enlisted below:

Complimentary Upgrades

  • American Airlines offers a complimentary upgrade for a short route flight up to 500 miles to registered AAdvantage members.
  • Moreover, platinum members of American Airlines also get this complimentary upgrade.

Mileage Upgrades

  • Mileage upgrades are available for any passengers who can use these reward points to buy a seat upgrade on American Airlines

500 Miles Upgrades

  • Gold and platinum registered AAdvantage members of American Airlines get 500 miles to upgrade after every 12500 miles.
  • American Airlines Elite members can buy this seating upgrade for 40 dollars each.

Systemwide Upgrades

  • Systemwide upgrades are given to the executive platinum member of American Airlines on an annual basis.

What is The Process To Upgrade Seat on American Airlines?

You can make the American Airlines upgrade seat request on its official website, as explained below:

  • Visit the American Airlines web page and go to My Trips
  • Next, enter your first and last name in the given boxes
  • Then also type your Booking ID in the assigned field
  • Hit find a button to retrieve your booked flight
  • Next, open an individual flight for a seat upgrade
  • Hereafter you must follow the online instruction to purchase a seat upgrade

Hopefully, by now, you have clearly understood the types of seat upgrade options offered by American Airlines and the exact procedure to request it. Moreover, you can contact the American Airlines customer care department to ask for other service-related details from them.

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