How Do I Talk to Uber Customer Service?

Uber is a leading car and shuttle service that ferries people within and outside the city in most places worldwide. Uber gives several options to the rider for booking at pocket-friendly charges. From cars with bigger space if you are traveling intercity with family, to small cars for short distances. Uber has been beneficial for riders and drivers as well.

How Can I Talk To Uber Customer Service?

There are several benefits of using Uber and staying connected to customer service, some of which are mentioned below:

  • If you are traveling alone on a long drive, you can share the details of your ride with customer service if the driver creates any issues while traveling. 
  • Uber customer service also asks for your feedback after every ride to keep a record of the drivers, and you can report both good and bad reviews immediately to uber.
  • Uber customer service takes immediate cognizance of payment errors and returns the money instantly if it has been wrongly deducted.
  • The most significant advantage of uber is while you are traveling, you can share all the details with your family, and you will be totally under surveillance, making it safe, especially for female travelers at odd hours.

Therefore, if while using Uber in your daily life, you face an issue pertaining to the ride or the app on your phone, contact uber customer service in the following ways:

How Do I Talk to a Live Person at Uber?

By Phone: You can make a call as a rider to uber customer service and resolve the issues. If there is an error in the payment segment or any issue with booking the rides, call Uber customer service and get assistance instantly. To connect with the Uber phone number 1-833-873-8237, follow the mentioned steps:

  • Dial Uber phone number 1-833-873-8237 or 800 593 7069
  • Hear the IVR
  • Choose the number for your query
  • Take the option to talk to a customer service person regarding the issues.

By Email: If there is a major issue with the Uber application and you need to complain against a driver, you can compose and drop an email at The Uber customer service will revert within a short time after receiving the mail with suitable help and information in reference to the email. 

By Contact Form: Uber has provided a contact form for riders on the official webpage. You can fill up the form with your message and submit it to Uber customer find this contact form, do as given below:

  • Reach
  • Click on rider support
  • Scroll down to the end
  • You will find a form and enter the required details with your email id
  • Submit the form.

Uber customer service will get back to you with the needed information regarding the queries mentioned in the form.

By Social Media: One of the best ways to contact uber customer service is through social media pages. You can send urgent messages and get a prompt response from customer service through the following pages:

  • Linked

Besides the modes described above with Uber's contact number and others, you can contact Uber through the application on your phone. There are various features given on the app to stay connected with Uber customer service.

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