Unlock iCloud on iPhone

iPhone user used iCloud for storing all the data and information and there are instances when the user comes with the problem of locked iCloud account on iPhone. There are various steps to unlock the iCloud and this article will recommend various steps for the unlocking of the account. The quickest solution to the problem is to bypass iCloud activation. Open the device and go to ‘Settings’. Go on Wi-Fi and click ‘i’ next to Wi-Fi network. Now remove the DNS setting and enter the new one for the location. iCloud user will get the message as ‘You have successfully connected to my server’ once the bypass is completed.

Let’s try out another alternative way to unlock the iCloud on iPhone. Go to ‘Menu’, the ‘Application’ followed by ‘Crash’. iPhone will restart now, select the language and country. Also choose the Wi-Fi settings. Select ‘i’ next to Wi-Fi settings and tap on Menu under ‘HTTP PROXY’. List out 30 emoji icons in the server and 15-30 character in the Port Zone. User will repeatedly get the language and Unlock screen. Slide the Unlock screen and tap the language option until user enters the Home screen. After user is able to unlock iCloud locked iPhone one can go back to iPhone normally.

Contact iPhone technical support to get more troubleshooting steps to unlock iCloud on iPhone. Remotely the exact problem will be identified and appropriate solution will be given. Dial the iPhone helpline number to get the advanced solutions.

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