How Do I Remove iCloud from My iPhone 13?

When you buy an Apple iPhone, you are asked to add your iCloud account. And all it, to sync your files, to enable messages, you can easily access your documents through iCloud. However, when you plan to exchange, sell or recycle your iPhone 13, you should always remove iCloud from your iPhone and send it for any trade or recycle. Now, if you are wondering how to do so, you can refer to the information given below and get the necessary help in removing your Apple iCloud.

How To Go for iCloud Removal with a Password?

The steps below will help you remove your iCloud account with the help of the password. You can refer to the ones written below and remove your iCloud account.

Steps To Remove Your iCloud with Password

  • Click on the Settings app icon to remove your iCloud from the iPhone.
  • On the top of the screen, you will find your Apple id; click on your Apple id. Once opened, scroll down to the bottom and then tap Sign Out.
  • Fee in your Apple id and the password. Then, click on “Turn Off.” If you cannot remember your Apple ID, you can use the “Forgot Password” and answer the security questions. You will get the option to change your password.
  • Then, choose the data you want to keep a copy of on your iPhone, and then Sign out to start removing your iCloud from the iPhone.

How To Remove Your iCloud without a Password

If you have forgotten your iCloud password or want to remove your id without a password, then you can easily refer to the steps below and continue to remove iCloud from your iPhone without a password. Make sure to follow them as they are.

Steps To Remove Your iCloud Account without Password

  • The first step is downloading and installing a third-party Apple id unlocker on your handset.
  • In the Apple id remover panel, click on the “Start” option to continue removing iCloud from your iPhone.
  • After that, connect your iPhone to your computer from an Apple Certified Cable. Unlock your iPhone screen and then confirm it.
  • After your device is connected, click on “Start Remove” to begin removing your iCloud id from your iPhone without a passcode.
  • Wait for a short while, and then your iCloud account will be removed. You can now set up a new iCloud account on your handset.

Points To Be Remembered When You Are Removing Your Apple ID

Below are certain points to be kept in mind when an iPhone user wants to remove the iCloud account from the iPhone 13.

  • Photos and Videos that have been rearranged to save storage space will be removed from the iPhone. The original and full version of those photos and videos will be on the same iPhone where iCloud photos are used.
  • All of the data inside your iCloud account will stay there but will be removed from Wallet.
  • After removing your iCloud from your iPhone, the documents and the data stored in your iCloud drive will also be removed once you remove your iCloud account from the iPhone.

Now, this is the end to the information associated with removing your iCloud account from your iPhone. Now, if you still have any issues, then you can share them with the customer support Apple or visit the nearby Apple store and get your issues resolved.

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