How To Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone 13?

Upgrades are always a breath of fresh air, and if it's a mobile phone that's been upgraded, then the excitement is apparent on the user's face. However, copying the necessary user data from the older phone to the newer one may be daunting. The issue further aggravates when one has changed the Mobile OS platform, for example, when a user switches from an Android device to the iPhone. For one who needs to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone 13 after getting the latest iPhone 13, the sections ahead illustrate how one can easily complete the cited task.

How To Transfer Contacts from My Android Phone to an iPhone 13?

The internet is full of various tips, tricks, and apps that can quickly transfer loads of contacts from Android devices to iOS systems. Though some of these work, many methods don't do what they profess.

Should I Use The Move to iOS App?

  • One of the good examples of noteworthy applications that don't work is the Move to iOS app, developed by apple.
  • The Move to iOS app is notoriously infamous for taking up too much of one's time while attempting to transfer the data from android to iPhones but failing at the last moment after making one wait for a considerable bunch of hours.
  • While some claim that the app does work for small data sizes, it's better not to use the application. That until Apple reworks the application and makes it easy for their newly acquired users to transfer their important data like contacts to the new iPhone they purchased.

Can I Use a Google Service to Transfer Data?

It's pretty widely noted that not many of Apple's designed services and applications work on android or google platforms. On the contrary, Google has a wide assortment of products that run on iOS devices. Even the most basic of Google services work exceptionally smoothly on an iPhone, and this is the way a user can exploit to get their contacts and other stuff moved to the iPhone easily.

How To Use Google Sync to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone 13?

Step1: Check Google Sync on The Android Phone:

To begin with, it has to be ensured that the Google sync is active and working on their android mobile phone and that the contacts have been synced via the Google service.

  • One can check this by going to the "Settings" menu on the android phone and then selecting the "Google account" option.
  • Next, tap on "Account sync" and select the email address with which one desires to have an active syncing.
  • If the service isn't active, click "Turn on Sync." If it was already active, move ahead.
  • Next, check the "Contacts" option among all the Google apps and data listed under the sync option.
  • One can activate or deactivate the syncing for all these things as desired but turn on the syncing for Contacts if it isn't on by default.
  • Those who have turned on the syncing now will have to wait a couple of hours to store the data under the google cloud services. Others can move on.

Step 2: Begin The Google Sync Process on The New iPhone 13

Once it has been made sure that all the required contacts and data have been synced to one's google account, the iPhone user can begin by downloading the Google Contacts app from the Apple AppStore. Other required Google apps like Gmail can also be downloaded as required.

  • Next, open the Settings tab on the iPhone 13 and tap on Contacts.
  • Click on "Add accounts" and select Google.
  • Now, follow the prompts given by the iPhone to add the Google account on the mobile.
  • Select the Google apps one wants to have an active sync with, and select the Google Contacts app here.
  • The Contacts and other selected data will be synced to the new iPhone in a couple of hours, depending on the number of contacts and the data size.
  • Next, one can turn off Google sync and on iCloud sync to merge the new contacts to the iOS cloud services.

Thus, following the described process, one can effectively transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone without glitches and bugs.

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