Merge Google Contacts To iPhone

If someone has has recently switched from android device to an iPhone then situation will be a bit confusing for them. They need to copy all their android contacts to iPhone. They can merge contacts via google account. If users want to merge their contacts with iPhone then they need to sync it first with iCloud then they can sync with their iPhone. To do so they have to follow below mentioned process.

Get A Way For How To Merge Google Contacts To iPhone

  • First of all Backup your iPhone via itunes.
  • Now you need to turn off syncing Google contacts on iPhone
  • After this turn on the syncing contacts to icloud then you will be asked to merge the additional contacts from iPhone.
  • Now on your Mac device open the chrome browser and logged into your icloud account and verify that additional contacts are all present.
  • Now you need to select all the contacts in web icloud and export to vCard then save those contacts on your Mac device.
  • Now delete all the selected contacts in web iCloud and turn off syncing contacts to icloud on your iPhone. After this you will find no contacts on your iPhone.
  • On your chrome browser login into your google account to access the contacts.
  • After this import the vCard with the additional contacts into Google contacts.
  • After this turn back on syncing contacts with Google contacts on your iPhone.

After following these steps you will find that entire list of contacts now present on user iPhone. If anybody find this process complicated then contact toGoogle technical support team for help. This team will provide you reliable Google support via phone, email, live chat and many more.  This team always provide you a unique solution for technical and non technical issues related to Google.

To connect with team user have to dial Google phone number search. Via this number user may get instant solution for your issues. This number is always reachable so call on Google support number whenever face any error with Google.

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