How Do I Remove My Primary Email from Facebook 2021

Many people are on social media and mostly people have Facebook accounts too besides other social media accounts. 

Sometimes you want to alter your contact details at Facebook. There are two things either adding or removing your contact information at Facebook. Sometimes you are switching to a different email account and you are wondering how to remove my primary email account. We are going to deal with all of it in this post. So, stay tuned and keep reading.

Want to Change Your Primary Email Account on Facebook? Check the Steps for That

First, let us figure out how to add an email. Go to the account> settings. Here are the steps that follow:

  • Click on the drop down arrow in the top right edge of your Facebook page
  • There select Settings & Privacy next tap on Settings
  • Find and Click Contact in General Tab
  • Then you need to click on Add another Email or mobile number
  • Here you can add your email and then press the Add button

You will get a confirmation email in the email you just typed in. you need to go and click on the confirmation email sent by Facebook. Then you will be able to add the email that you want to add to Facebook.

Second, if you are looking forward to remove an email address then the following are the steps:

  • Similar to the above click on the drop down arrow in the top right edge of your Facebook page
  • Again tap on Settings and & Privacy and then Settings
  • Then go to Contact and then the General tab
  • Tap on Remove in front of the email address that you want to remove
  • Finally Refresh the page to see the changes done

These were the ways to make changes to the emails that you have in your Facebook. In particular you should update your Facebook account regarding your primary email information so that in future you don’t have any problems recovering your facebook account if you ever forget your password. 

If you are changing your primary email account then you need to assign a new primary email among your emails that you have provided. If you were wondering how to remove my primary email from facebook then probably you got it in our post.

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