How Do I Create Child Account on Instagram?

Instagram is all about sharing videos, and images, with the basic motive of connecting with the community to learn and grow.  Instagram is a necessity in today’s world; it helps you stay updated about your surroundings and close ones. 

Everything You Need To Know To Create Your Instagram Child Account

Parenting is a beautiful phase of life when you see your child growing, and getting to show it to the world is another happiness. What’s better than storing these memories on Instagram and making them public to show your child's achievements to the world? But are you wondering about the way to create an Instagram child account? Then, you are on the right page. All you should do is refer to the steps below to create the child account on Instagram. 

Steps To Create an Instagram Child Account

Create Your Child’s Email Account

The first and most necessary step is to create an email account for your child. For creating an Instagram account, it is important to have an email account. As you create a child's email, you will have full authority over your child’s email account.

Pick an Instagram User Handle for Your Kid 

Once you have created an email account, it will be easier for you to create the Instagram handle for your kid’s account. The handle should be pretty, concise, and creative. You should always brainstorm the Instagram handle for your kid. 

Choose The Tone And The Caption for The Account. 

Now, you will be asked to choose your caption and the tone for the Instagram. It is wise to maintain the account as the photo album o your kid, caption the photo as a parent, and use the tone as a parent. 

Decide on The Theme of Your Instagram Account 

The Instagram child account should have a theme. You can maintain a manner in which you post the photos or carry a template throughout the account until you hand over that account to your kid. 

Pick The Audience for Your Kid. 

Now, the most important job deciding on whether you want to public or private your kid’s account. If you are a parent who has no problem showing the world your kid’s cuteness, then you can make your account public, but if you are deciding on connecting your kid to only selective people who don’t have your kid, then you have the option to keep your account private. 

Inform Your Family And Friends 

You should let your family and friends know about you creating your kid’s Instagram account. That helps in keeping in touch with your close ones, and they get to see your child’s growth. Always be clear on when the mom and dad are managing the Instagram account; mention that in the bio of the Instagram account. 

Be Aware of What You Post 

Always be cautious of what information you post online. Do not never share the personal details of your kid on Instagram. You never know when an ill-intentioned person will connect all of the simplest dots and then do wrong to your child. 

Ask for Consent From Your Family and Friends 

If it is a child account, it is easier to say that there will be faces and images of the children involved with your child. So, always make it a point to ask for consent from their parents before you upload their pictures online. 

Now, this was it for you to know how to create a child account on Instagram. However, if you encounter any problem or have any doubts during the whole process, then you can easily communicate with the customer help of Instagram and get the necessary help.

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