Check Out The Easy Steps To Recover Hotmail Account

Nowadays, email has become one of the basic requirements and essential modes of formal communication. So, for satisfying the demand for email service, various companies launched their email services, which include Microsoft's Hotmail email service, which is also the first free email service launched during that period. 

Further, the service providers also introduced various features within the email application, which made it easier for the users to perform their routine email activities. Still, there are a few users who reported some issues with their Hotmail account because of the forgotten password. 

Luckily, one can easily resolve this issue in time by following the simple Hotmail account recovery process. Further, to help out the users, here in this article, they will be offered with simple steps that one can follow for account recovery. 

Procedure To Recover Hotmail Account

  • For the account recovery process, the user needs to visit the recovery page. 
  • After that, the user is required to click on Forgot password option and proceed with the recovery process. 
  • Further, the user needs to provide the username of the Hotmail account. 
  • Now, the user is required to provide an alternative email address for recovering the Hotmail account. 
  • Then, the user needs to click on the Send code option.
  • Further, the user will be offered a code for verifying the Hotmail account. 
  • After that, when the user receives a prompt they are required to provide that code for verifying the Hotmail account. 
  • And once the account is verified, the user will be directed to a different page for resetting the password. 
  • Now, the user is required to create a new password and save the changes. 
  • After that, the user needs to log in to their Hotmail account using the new password. 

Besides, if the user still has any queries regarding the procedure to recover Hotmail account, they can contact support for the required assistance. 

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