How Do I Complain To McDonald's?

Is there a need to tell you how delicious the food McDonald's serves is? It is quite evident how much popularity Mcdonald's has earned over the years and made sure that their customers return to them repeatedly. Everything has been best about the food, services, and staff. But still, sometimes you get complaints and then want to contact McDonald's customer service. The complaints could be about anything. You might get your order late, or the order was not yours. The food was so late that your family or friends said goodnight to you and abandoned you for life. Such things could happen, but you don't have to worry. Just go and make a complaint.

Grab These Ways And Make a Complaint:

Phone Call: What could be worse than your food getting ruined? You might be angry and more than that hungry, and in such a situation, you cannot afford to waste time. In such times the McDonald's phone number is the best. If you get any questions or complaints about your delivery, then dial the given contact numbers and share your concerns:

  • Toll-free numbers: 1 800-244-6227, 1-833-510-0332.

Feedback Form: If it was just a matter of time and you have survived the situation, it is also mandatory that Mcdonald's should know the difficulty you have seen. At such a time, making complaints becomes necessary so that they can be careful in the future and improve their service:

  • Visit the official website of Mcdonald's.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the webpage.
  • Click on "Contact Us" from the contact us section.
  • Click "contact us" again below "What's on your mind."
  • Fill out the Feedback Form and click on submit.

Go through this information and ensure that you make a complaint to improve the services. For additional queries, you can email And they will respond to you as soon as possible.

Mcdonald's Phone Number: 1-800-244-6227

Hours Of Work: 9 am-11 pm

Avg Wait Time: 1 min approx

Company Website:

Online Help:

Useful Tool: call via web

Talk To Human: Customer Service Representatives (Press 1 Speak "Customer Service")

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